Welcome to the Colombo School of Arts and Sciences. 

This school represents a great partnership between the Imperial Institute of Higher Education, one of the oldest quality tertiary education providers in Sri Lanka, and the community of students looking to gain an internationally recognised O-level or A-level qualification. Together, we are responding to the needs of students requiring a quality, holistic education by providing academic excellence in the Arts, Business and Science streams combined with a wide range of extracurricular opportunities and strong learning support. These include counselling, career guidance and industry internships and, where necessary, a customised study programme backed by experienced teachers and industry professionals who will provide the platform needed to enable them to achieve their fullest potential. 

In today’s competitive workplace, academic achievement alone cannot guarantee success in the job market. Every industry demands a multitude of competencies which include, not only academic knowledge, but also a blend of practical know-how, soft skills and strength of character. Whatever your child’s chosen profession, having the ability to portray knowledge, confidence and competence is certain to give him, or her, an edge over other applicants in the job market. At the Colombo School of Arts and Sciences, we are committed to ensuring that your child is given the academic knowledge as well as the practical experience needed to meet the challenges of their chosen career path with confidence. 

A good education is the only foundation for life. Join our exciting and empowering community and give your child the experience he or she deserves.

Shaleeka Jayalath