Excellence in education is achieved most readily when high academic standards and enthusiasm for learning are both present in the school environment. We are dedicated to nurturing our students' natural curiosity and passion for learning.

We continue to strive for academic excellence, for our students to achieve the highest possible standards. Our programme is designed to support, engage and enhance talents.

Our program integrates intellectual inquiry, academic skills, and creative arts with the awareness that development in each of these areas is complementary and enhances human potential. We believe academic disciplines should be cultivated and refined side by side with creativity, responsibility, and self-esteem. We encourage the development of critical thinking and writing skills, thoughtful self-expression, and honest reflection as part of the learning process. We strive to make sure our students are both academically and emotionally prepared to meet each new level of educational challenge with confidence and enthusiasm.

Therefore we promote teaching beyond exam specifications to foster academic rigour, intellectual curiosity and independent learning, with the pursuit of excellence including not only suitable challenges for the gifted and talented (through extension and enrichment activities) but also effective support for those with specific educational needs.