As the global economy becomes more ... well ... global, the competition for good jobs continues to increase. It is no longer sufficient to simply be more qualified than the person next to you. You have to be more qualified than countless others all over the world. Going to a good school is a critical step, but you can greatly enhance your classroom learning by gaining real world experience through student internships.

Internships allow students to see whether or not a career fits with their passion and interest. Sometimes the internship will foster the conclusion that the chosen career path is not what they had expected. However, in many cases, it can lead to a greater understanding of the field and assist with the development of skills marketable for their chosen career path.

The importance of internships to students in terms of networking and gaining new resources cannot be understated. Building a network of "who you knows" through student internships can pay great dividends upon graduation. By remembering the social aspect of networking while working at internships, you can help ensure that by the time you graduate, you have an inroad into those organizations and the corporate world.

To help you get in there and mingle, we arrange short internship programmes for our students with top companies during their final year. This will give them a real feel of the working environment, which we strongly believe is an important experience to complement the learning that our students do in the classroom.