The Salford Degree programmes include B.Sc (Hons) Business and Management; B.Sc (Hons) Business and Information Technology; B.Sc (Hons) Accounting and Finance and B.Sc (Hons) Business and Tourism Management.

In November 2014 Salford University Business School won the Business School of Year title at the Times Higher Education (THE) Awards in recognition of the University supporting small and medium size businesses and offering students innovative industry experiences. Salford has been praised for the way the school prioritizes its’ real-world’ impact with businesses. THE Awards are the leading awards showcasing excellence in the UK higher education sector. A distinct advantage of the Salford University programmes is that students study a common first year before embarking on the specialization. This gives students who are still uncertain of the choice of specialization to make a more informed decision through experiencing course modules and through consultation with student counsellors. 

When it comes to offering an innovative educational experience to students, CSA is second to none. As part of the value proposition CSA supports students with counselling, career guidance, industry internships, learning support and where necessary, a customized study programme. A child’s intellectual and academic development is given prominence here. Also, the total offering aims to encompass physical, spiritual, social, artistic, creative and emotional aspects of a child’s development. This is what CSA calls their holistic approach to education. During the teenage years, when a student finds identity, meaning and a purpose in life, then that experience enables him or her to achieve their fullest potential, as they progress. To this end CSA’s adopts a learning to learn concept to transfer knowledge and skills rather than a passive teaching approach.

By enrolling for A-Levels at CSA students are assured of a natural progression to a degree of their choice with Salford University or any other University that IIHE is partnering with. IIHE has been associated with University of Wales since 1996 and is in the process of collaborating with the new Buckinghamshire University of UK to further widen the portfolio of products.

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