Identifying a dire need for a more holistic approach to nurture young minds, CSA focuses on providing an inspiring curriculum intended to promote each student’s learning, personal growth and development. In order to excel, young people need to be challenged; supported to achieve higher standards and encouraged to participate in a range of creative, sporting and cultural activities during their schooling years. For this purpose, CSA is eager to create a nurturing environment coupled with empowered thinking. Naturally, the opportunity to secure a First Year Scholarship to truly benefit from this offering, is indeed good news to both eager students and parents.   

CSA hopes to offer the Cambridge International Examinations O-Level and A-Level programmes with the help of a team of top academics and experienced teachers committed to delivering a well-structured education. 

In addition to scholarships, the line up of benefits CSA offers, is impressive. From Customized Study Programmes that offer flexibility when it comes to choosing subject combinations and Industry Internships with top companies in the country to Tutorial and Specialized Learning Support, CSA plans to go that extra mile for their students. Career Guidance and Counseling, two aspects that are often overlooked during a child’s schooling period will also be offered to student with absolutely no additional fee.    

CSA is an international co-educational school affiliated to the Imperial Institute of Higher Education (IIHE), Sri Lanka’s only institute which is directly associated with the prestigious University of Wales (UK), offering BSc and MBA degree programmes. 

CSA’s Principal - Ms. Shaleeka Jayalath believes that “by immersing our students in work related to their interests, our total approach to providing a holistic education will increase student engagement and promote skills and knowledge needed for achieving success in our students' life and career goals. The CSA First Year Scholarships are unique and parents should consider taking advantage of the offering.”